A government link corporation, the Malaysian Agrifood Corporation (MAFC), established in 2006 was aimed at propelling the Malaysian food supply chain business through the application of new technology, logistic solutions and best practices that is in tandem with international food safety standards.


MAFC helped restructure the agricultural sector into a modern, viable and dynamic venture. This was in tandem with the Government’s 9th Malaysia Plan to revitalise the agriculture sector as a sustainable pillar of economic growth. It was executed by influencing production through the vertical integration of the supply chain which involves production, packaging, branding and distribution of agricultural products.


MAFC is skewed towards restructuring the food supply chain by streamlining the production of fresh produce and integrating the various components based on the “farm to fork” principle -- beginning from the ‘farm gate’ level to the retail and export markets.


Armed with the objective of assisting the agricultural sector to realise its goals of becoming the third growth engine for the Malaysian economy, MAFC will diligently work towards integrating and implementing global best practices in all facets of the food supply chain management. This is aimed at pursuing excellence in the development and management of the agricultural business in the country.


MAFC is a commercially-driven business organisation spearheaded by a team of highly skilled professionals with global exposure who are dedicated towards achieving excellence in agricultural business.


Environment Conscious
MAFC takes a responsible and sustainable approach to farming by helping to conserve our natural resources. It optimises land, water and energy usage, as growing more from less is the only way towards sustainable agriculture.






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