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AFC is committed to secure fresh fruits and vegetables from local growers and businesses that adhere to SALM, the Malaysian Good Agriculture Practices Certification which is now known as MyGAP, to supply safe, fresh and quality produce to retailers, wholesalers and food service operators nationwide and overseas.


The vegetables sourced are also in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practise (GMP) that signifies the stringent criteria at the various value-add centres to execute post-harvest activities.


As the safety of food is of prime importance when selecting vegetables, hence the accreditation of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) in vital as it identifies specific hazards and measures for their control to ensure the safety of food. HACCP can be applied throughout the food chain from primary production to final consumption and its implementation is guided by scientific evidence of risks to human health.


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MAFC Controlled Environment Farms
Controlled environment farming techniques is used in lowland and highland faming activities to produce safe and fresh vegetables with consistent supply under sustainable condition and is pesticide-safe.


MAFC Control Environment Farms


Controlled Environment Farms (CEF)
Sustainability can only be achieved through a strategic balance between commercial and good environmental management. Our greenhouse CEF model places great emphasis on the usage of high-technology production techniques and sustainable agriculture practices:

  • Precision farming
  • Enhanced internal nutrient cycling on the farm
  • Use of organic fertilizer
  • Soil conservation
  • High degree of crop diversity
  • Cover cropping
  • Composting
  • Water conservation and recycling
  • Integrated pest management


MAFC is the first and the only company in Malaysia to invest in commercial CEF greenhouses. The CEF greenhouses can withstand wind speed up to 150 km/hr. The structure can last for at least 20 years with regular maintenance. With the CEF greenhouses, farmers are able to achieve higher yield per square meter compared to the traditional farming methods. The fertigation system that comes with the CEF is also able to save fertilizer consumption between 35-40%.


MAFC has embarked on building CEF greenhouses for tomatoes and lettuce in Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands through a joint venture with MARDI.


MAFC For Industry
Besides offering high quality fresh produce, MAFC also integrates value-added ‘fresh from farm to retail’ services every step of the way of the value chain. It is aimed at ensuring reliable and timely delivery of safe and premium quality produce to the customers.

sales and marketing


MAFC Sales & Marketing
As an integrated and extended supply chain management company, our primary aim is to ensure consistent delivery of fresh, safely-grown produce to our customers. MAFC is able to achieve the essential balance between improved productivity, delivery reliability, timeliness and competitive pricing.


MAFC is also equipped to provide marketing expertise to support our customers with customised business processes and value-added services.

  • Guaranteed product consistency and uninterrupted year-long supply
  • Re-invent agro-science solutions
  • Offer attentive and focussed customer service
  • Fixed season prices
  • Food safety and traceability
  • Uncompromised and exacting quality specifications
  • Cold chain integrity and logistic excellence
  • Timely deliveries
  • Ethical and fair trade terms
  • Creative and innovative approach to marketing and downstream promotions



MAFC Cold Chain Logistics
Located on 2.1 acres of land in Puchong, MAFC’s state-of-the art distribution centre is powered by advanced technology and the latest in Warehouse Management Systems (WMS). It is complete with computerized systems, specialized cleaning and automated packaging machineries.


MAFC is further supported by the advanced technology and capabilities of our subsidiary company, Cold Chain Network Sdn Bhd (CCN). It is a specialist provider of temperature-controlled logistics for temperature-sensitive food products with comprehensive refrigeration logistics and warehousing services.


Benchmarked as a “one-stop shop” for cold chain logistics aimed at strengthening our export competitiveness in handling perishable logistics, CCN caters to the diverse requirements of our customers, which range from large hypermarkets to independent food service operators.


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MAFC Cold Chain Logistic

Post harvest management
Our presence though the Collection, Processing and Packaging Centres (CPPC), Collection Centres (CC) and Distribution Centres (DC) located strategically nationwide enables us to have competitive edge to efficiently handle even the highest level of midstream management of perishable foods that pass through our supply chain custody.


Our processing activities range from basic grading and sorting of fresh produce to packaging and labelling. Hence, we are able to customize our output to meet specific quality, grade mix and packaging requirements requested by our customers. These value-add centres operate in compliance with global best practices in food safety standards which include HACCP and GMP procedures. In compliance with the environmental condition under GAP, waste material is recycled and converted to compost and is used as fertilizers in the farms. The CPPCs are operated by highly qualified and experienced managers who closely monitor all activities for efficiency, food safety and quality.


MAFC for Consumers
MAFC is committed in offering consumers the assurance that the vegetables consumed are fresh, safe and are of high quality. They are safely grown, safely packed with the latest technology, freshly stored and delivered in accordance with global food standards.

  • We only work with farmers who are SALM/GAP compliant.
  • We propagate Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) through creative Contract Farming models and pricing structures.
  • We adopt Controlled Environment Farming (CEF) models that promote sustainable agricultural practices, consistent crop quality and yield and integral environmental protection.
  • We encourage farmers to keep abreast with and adopt next-generation farming cultures, employ integrated crop management techniques and work towards global certifications and standards
  • We invest in value-add centres to perform systematic standards of post-harvest activities according to HACCP and GMP protocols – consolidation, sorting, grading and packaging.
  • We build state-of-the-art cold logistics and warehousing facilities to ensure product stewardship and traceability.

MAFC Consumer Story


Healthy produce for Healthy Lifestyle
Consuming healthy produce that are nutritious are a way towards healthy lifestyle. MAFC is well known for the Lushious brand that is synonymous with premium, high quality, fresh and safe to consume vegetables that are a healthier and fresher choice.



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